By Corey Brown

In the distant past, an Aboriginal dies -- and makes a choice. It is 1968 and a young woman from New Orleans falls in love with a stranger. Up in Chalmette, Louisiana, a ruthless band of policemen commit an atrocity. Like gathering thunderheads these events will chain together and descend upon Detective Cody Briggs in an unrelenting storm.

For Briggs, the Crescent City no longer feels like home. It has become a place where nothing makes sense, where people are not who they seem to be, where losing his life is the least of his troubles. Losing his mind is the real problem.

Facing allegations of murder, official misconduct and witness tampering, Cody has to make a choice: Run, or stay and fight? But where can you hide when the devil makes house calls?

Eight Ounces Of Midnight

By Corey Brown

On an Afghan outpost he never should been assigned to, Riley Anderson is forced to make command decisions he never expected to face. Within minutes after starting his shift the world rains steel and mortars down the little wood shack he calls home.

A coordinated attack? In the middle of the desert? No one in this dusty little FOB had expected or anticipated it. With dead and dying solders all around Riley has to deal with troubles of the heart and, literally, of the head.

Worse, he has only two handguns and 30 bullets between him and the insurgents.

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